One of the worst parts of being in high school is the fact that you feel invisible. You feel as if there isn’t anyone in the world who actually cares about you. Trust me I know how it feels. Its hard, but you have to get through it. There is someone out there who cares about you, and loves you. Just because you may feel alone, you aren’t. High school is just a scary place, if you aren’t popular than who are you? You may not fit into any of the cliques at school, but that isn’t a bad thing. It makes you unique and you should always embrace that uniqueness within you.

I used to always feel invisible. I would say hi to people, or shout their name when I was sitting right next to them. They never seemed to hear me, let alone acknowledge my existence. It was a terrible experience, and I honestly felt so alone. I felt like no one ever saw me. The only time they talked to me is when they needed the answer to the assignment they forgot to do.

I can’t tell you why they do this, but I can tell you that you should continue being you. Don’t let them use you, or take advantage of you. You are special and they are too ignorant to see that. You are different, and maybe a little weird. Who isn’t a little weird these days though? We all have this unique thing about us, embrace it and don’t ever put out the flame you have within you. Let it burn brighter during the darkest hours of night, let it shine brighter than the sun in the morning sky. Just don’t let them cause you to forget who you are or where you came from. You shouldn’t have to change for them to accept you..