Do you ever feel as if you are alone? Like there isn’t a single person who cares about you? The worst part about that is when you know people are just talking to you out of pity, yet for a second you believe them. You get your hopes up thinking you have a friend, then as soon as you know it they are just leading you on. You try to plan sleep overs, or plan to hangout one day and they ignore you. This is why more people are becoming anti-social. Because they feel as if they are just a pitiful excuse. That’s why people create these sob stories, to get sympathy so someone will pay attention to them. I know that no one will ever read this, but if someone happens to stumble upon this than just think about the people you know. Let them know how much you actually care about them, and spend time with them. Don’t let them feel like they are only there when you need someone to brag to, or a shoulder to cry on. Make them feel special, because its hard knowing that people don’t actually wanna be around you…


Petition the Board

Today I found out something very worrying. One of my teachers was suspended for false acusations against him, stating that he flirts with his students. Now all of a sudden, several more teachers are being accused of the same crime. I know these accusations aren’t true, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t just sit here, knowing they are trying to hurt someone who cares and tries to help us succeed in life. I don’t understand why people are so stupid. Is it possible to petition the School Board and get this to end? These girls are just trying to get attention, and they are hurting the credibility of our staff. Its not right, so what should I do? I believe that anything is possible, and I have these teachers in class. They have no voice in this situation. They are only suffering while those girls sit back and enjoy the view. I understand that maybe there is one corrupt teacher in the system, but not 4 or 5. It just doesn’t happen. I need advice so anyone, please repsond or comment on this post. I would really appreciate it.