LIfe is full of accidents and tragedies. Although we may not know how to handle it we will always have someone there for us. It takes time to be able to move on as well. It’s not an instant thing like everyone assumes. It’s taken me 4 years since my sister passed away and I’m still mourning. There is not time limit in which you are supposed to have stopped grieving. Surround yourself with the ones you love and with your friends. They can help you get through this. Just don’t push them away. I know you may want to be strong and you don’t want anyone to see you cry. You will do more damage to yourself shutting everyone out. It’s ok to cry. No one will ever judge you for crying, it just shows that you’re human that’s all. Why try to hide that? You are loved beyond compare by someone, so let them be there for you. Let them hold you and help lift you up. It’s worth it in the end.