LIfe is full of accidents and tragedies. Although we may not know how to handle it we will always have someone there for us. It takes time to be able to move on as well. It’s not an instant thing like everyone assumes. It’s taken me 4 years since my sister passed away and I’m still mourning. There is not time limit in which you are supposed to have stopped grieving. Surround yourself with the ones you love and with your friends. They can help you get through this. Just don’t push them away. I know you may want to be strong and you don’t want anyone to see you cry. You will do more damage to yourself shutting everyone out. It’s ok to cry. No one will ever judge you for crying, it just shows that you’re human that’s all. Why try to hide that? You are loved beyond compare by someone, so let them be there for you. Let them hold you and help lift you up. It’s worth it in the end.


Welcome to Teen Drama

What’s it like to be a teen now a days? Honestly it’s a lot worse than it used to be. In the old days we didn’t have technology. People wrote letters to each other, and the amount of bullying wasn’t nearly as bad as now. I know that we drag a lot of drama home with us, but you have to understand the world has changed. Teenagers “fall in love” with their high school or middle school sweethearts. Not only does that result in a lot of drama in the end, but also several fights along the way. People cheat, and play each other like it’s a game. We use people to get what we want all the time. Its something that we see everyday and have adapted it in our lives. You can’t expect us to act the way they did 50 years ago. Now you have 12 year olds getting pregnant, teens doing more drugs than ever, and victims of bullying committing suicide. This isn’t the world you want your child to grow up in, but the only way we can change is for people to show us the error in our ways. Shows such as teen mom, and 16 and Pregnant show us that its okay to become sexual. We don’t really see the consequences in anything we do. We see how “cool” it is to get wasted and knocked up. I guess my first post was just to introduce this topic, and if anyone needs advice please feel free to contact me. It’s totally private, and no one will know. I will simply just write about that topic on here in order to help.